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About Our Business

ken and margoWhen we found the “perfect location” for our new home, we wanted to be able to build the “perfect home” for us. We always knew it would be a log home, but we had certain wishes, wants and needs that we felt made us different from the norm. We weren’t sure we could build a log home to suit all of our needs. None of the homes or plans we had seen really fit our unique situation. Margo has a brother with disabilities (he has Cerebral Palsy), and a mom who is in her 90s. Because of these factors, we needed to consider and incorporate many options to make our home functional for them. We also wanted our home to be comfortable and inviting for others, as we love to entertain and enjoy it when friends just drop in. LOG HOMES OF AMERICA was able to help us customize a plan we liked that would suit all our needs as well as our lifestyle. Our experience was so positive and we were so happy with our home, we decided to become independent representatives for this outstanding company. Now, we invite others to our home to see the quality of this product. Being part of the building process, and learning first hand, has given us a perspective that others may not have. We are thrilled with our decisions, and our home indeed fulfills our dreams and suits our needs. We have now been able to help others build their dream homes, and have been advisors, sharing ideas with many along the way.

We look forward to each new building experience, and enjoy the challenge of helping every new home owner build a home that reflects their personal tastes, needs, wishes and dreams.

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